pCon.planner Pro VR plugin (Network license)

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pCon.planner Pro VR plugin

(Network license)

Virtual Reality is becoming an increasingly important part of today's design advice. With the VR-Plugin you can create an experience and convince your customers through a virtual tour.

  • Start easy and quickly your pCon.planner drawing in VR with one press of the button.
  • Create more interaction in your showroom
  • Special space / product experience
  • Realistic views from pCon.planner with: material, HDR light and skybox transfer
  • Different navigation options or move the display directly into placed cameras
  • Move, rotate or lock objects in the VR environment using the controllers
  • Displaying OFML product information in the VR environment

Maintenance 1.5% per month is mandatory!
The maintenance period is 12 months and is tacitly extended by 12 months each time,
if desired, you can cancel the maintenance contract three months before the end of the term.



Product Note Status Price
pCon.planner Pro (Network license) pCon.planner Pro (Network license)
1,460.25 € *
pCon.planner Pro (Single user license) pCon.planner Pro (Single user license)
1,168.20 € *
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