pCon.planner PRO (named user)

468.00 €
excl. VAT, plus delivery


pCon.planner PRO
(named user)

Nowadays, everything is online and we can't stay behind. That is why we sell the named user licence. Below, you can read about the advantages of a pCon.planner PRO named user.

The advantages of a named user licence:

  • Need to make some quick changes for the customer, but forgotten your laptop with the licence on it? No worries! From now on, you can work anytime, anywhere. pCon.planner is no longer tied to 1 system. Via pCon.login you can log on to any system and use the software.
  • Is a colleague on annual leave or leaving the company? No problem! Simply transfer the license to another colleague and they can start right away.
  • Save costs by managing your license(s).


  • Layout-tool
  • All OFML installed librariers directly available
  • Generate/modify special articles
  • Multiple manufactures in OFML catalogue
  • Multi content images
  • Article lists for pCon.basket (OBK)
  • Import (EOX)
  • Switch between 2D and 3D
  • Extensive export possibilities (FBX, SKP, Collada, etc...)

Minimum term: 12 months (€39 per month) payment in advance.

Term of notice: 3 months prior to the end of the contract date

and is tacitly extended by one year each time.